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Long Arm “The Branches”

Recently i posted Long Arm’s (in fact Georgy Kotunov) video but I like his works so much that I have to share a little more of his music . Gregory is from Orneburg, which is situated very close to Russian- Kazakhstan border. Now he lives in Moscow and having provincial background he makes great music, which seems to be made somewhere in London or NYC studio. It is a sign of our times, when a man from a place so distant from a centers of musical life of a genres he is involved makes music so deeply immersed in sounds so remote from his origin culture. His albums (“The Branches”, “Organic”) sound extremely western while still having some eastern fantasia, which gives his tunes so great sound. Fantastic samples, loops and much, much more.

Gilles Petterson from BBC Radio 1 chose “The Waterfall Inside Me” by Long Arm the best track of the year  2011. For me it’s not the best last year tune, but it’s deamn good like a rest of his works.

Check this track called “The Branches” (feat. Teknikal Development).
More on Long Arms’s profiles ona Last.fm and Soundcolud.

Ćmy “Frozen Memories”

Ćmy is a Polish project created by Milton Waukee, better known as Yaro, and DJ George a.k.a. Jorge Saxon (Yaro’s long time music friend and co-worker). If You like Skalpel, You might also like them. Their music is a journey to a nu-jazz domain, with a cut’n paste chic. Full of nice details with a great sense of sound and rythm. Some of their music has a nice “Ninja Tune like vibe”, which I like a lot.
I recommend to visit the website of the project, where You can listen to all 3 of their albums.