8 Reasons to Like Germans

Here in Poland we have few reasons to dislike Germans. They invaded us many times, they started II World War, they destroyed Warsaw and many more Polish cities, they are making great cars (while we don’t manufacture any) and generally the have much stronger cuclture. For now of course ;-)

Thankfully we are living in relative peace nowadays and we can find some reasons to like Germans and some aspects of their culture. For example they just started loosing in football with us. This is very good sign of good will from their side. But there are also other reasons which help us to overcome historial prejudices. One of them is definitely electronic music. This is the field where they excel and where they show the best of their creative heritage. Thanks to theirs clubbing tradition and love for technical solutions we can enjoy tunes like these below.
Heil to German electronica!

(1) Bersarin Quartett “Jedem Zauber Wohnt Ein Ende Inne”

(2) Pantha Du Prince “Bohemian Forest”

(3) Paul Kalkbrenner “Aaron”

(4) Kollektiv Turmstrasse “Schwindelig”

(5) Moderat “Bad Kingdom”

(6) Ulf Lohmann “My Pazifik”

(7) Apparat (feat. Soap&Skin) “Goodbye”

(8) Lovebirds “In The Shadows”

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