10 Tunes That Will Help You To Avoid Autumn Depression

Days are shorter, nights are becoming longer and colder. Wind is moving leafs on pavements. Autumn is already here. Although in Poland it’s still not that bad and I’m still able to ride my motorcycle without risk of getting rheumatism within five minutes of ride, some of my friends are alraming me about depressive nature of this season. In answer to these voices I prepared list of 10 tunes which will help you to preserve warm good mood during this time.
I wish to be a bear and sleep till early autumn spring but unfortunately I’m not, so probably I’ll have to listen to these tracks too.

(1) Bob Marley feat. Layryn Hill ‘Turn Your Lights Down Low’

(2) Mint Royale ‘Blue Song’

(3) Furns ‘Haunt Me’

(4) Basement Jaxx ‘Bingo Bango’ (David Morales Latin Bango RMX)

(5) Stakka Bo ‘Here We Go Again’

(6) Bobby Womack California Dreaming

(7) Mc Solaar ‘Les Temps Changent’

(8) Lemongrass ‘You Gotta Be Free’ (feat. Karen Gibson Roc)

(9) Empire Of The Sun ‘Walking On A Dream’

 (10) Chris Coco – Summer Time


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