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Karawana jedzie dalej

fot. pixdaus.com
fot. pixdaus.com

Mój wczorajszy wpis był chyba najczęściej czytanym w historii strony…ale nie ma co się oglądać za siebie i pozwalać debilom wpływać na nasze nastroje. Kary on braders end sisters.
Tymczasem odlatujemy od spraw doczesnych i kierujemy się ponownie ku dźwiękowym historiom o sprawach dziwnych, tajemniczych i zaskakujących.

James Blake w gościnnych występach
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Musical autumn in Poland

We had very musical summer and will have autumn in Poland this year. After Open’er we had very good Audioriver festival, than was Tauron New Music with line up including Autechre, Jagga Jazzist, Bonobo, Moderat and many more. Two weeks ago UNKLE was in Warsaw and now we are waiting for Morcheeba (06.10 in Warsaw) with Skye Edwards again.

But more interesting is that we’re going to have also, during Free Form Festval (15-16.10), Goldfrapp, DJ Krush and Coldcut. De Phazz is going to perform in Wrocław, Kraków and Warsaw. And on the end there are most valuable events for me: Tricky (in November) and Donna Regina (07.10)

Not bad.

Below one of my favourite tracks from Tricky – “Contradictive”:

UNKLE on Warsaw Music Week (17-25.09)

Just bought ticket for Warsaw UNKLE concert, which will take place on 18 of September in “Klub Palladium” . If You can, Be there.

It’s gonna be a main event of Warsaw Music Week. Details will be aviliable soon here (at least i hope so). Organizers aren’t to fast if website isn’t ready 3 weeks before event. Nevermind, UNKLE is worth of ignoring such details, even if Ian Brown won’t be there. In line-up also: DJ Falcon, Hanna Hukkelberg, Deadbeat and others…