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Szymon Kaliski – “Or Delicate”

Recently I found on Fluid-radio very positive review of new debut album “Out of Forgeting” by Szymon Kaliski – young Polish  musician from Poznań, who writes an ambient music. I played track “Or Delicate” which promotes the album and I must say it’s realy good piece of music. Kaliski’s combination of sound touches made through piano and noises and space in the back of the scene sounds very interesting and promising.

Like Adam Williams – an author of review – I must say that this is an example of minimalistic and intimate music in which each sound and note has great significance and at the same time  it is still a nesseccary part of a whole. Some time ago I wrote a simmilar words about Photek’s “Modus Operandi” – and this is a big compliment.

The album is released only digitaly by British label Audiomoves. Details You can find under the links below:

And here “Or Delicate”:
Szymon Kaliski – Or Delicate by Audiomoves