Susanna and The Magical Orchestra “Love Will Tear Us Apart”

There are dozens od Joy Division covers and very few are good or even acceptable. Individuality of Ian Curtis and the rest of the band was so radical, message was so uneasy and their music was so distinct that it was never simple to interprete their songs without faliure. Many artists tried to find the way in arrangments in different musical styles, but almost always they were losing the immanent Joy Division music dimension – some kind of tragical note, the neurotic nerve which was their distinctive discriminant. This “factor” is always in their music and I’m sure all daredevils, who tried to cover their songs have heard it, but as it is with masterpieces they are unique and they don’t want to reveal their mysteries to easy. Like secret o light in Vermer’s paintings there is a mystery of great band sounds, which carries uniqueness of their message and must be at least partly grasped in a good cover.

Susanna and The Magical Orchestra did something extraordinary. The’ve made not very good but – for me – brilliant cover of “Love Will Tear Us Apart”. The song, which I always thought, is “uncoverable”. I won’t write anything about it. Just listen to this entirely different interpretation of this song with it’s delicacy,  simplicity and this elusive “something”, which made original so perfect.

One of the best covers I have ever heard. I’m sure Ian would love it.

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