Nirguna’s best 2012 tunes

As usual I’m not quite up to date but finally it’s time to sum up last year on nirguna with the list of the best tunes. So, here are the best things I’ve heard in 2012. Of course this ranking is limited to the generes which are featured on website.
2012 wasn’t a great year for me in music. I haven’t noticed any brakethrough and I didn’t discover any band or artist, who changed my life, yet still there were few things which are really worth to remind.

Again, on top charts in many magazines or websites the winners are tunes which are completely rubish. Maybe I’m deaf, but I just can not understand most of choices made by Pitchfork, The Wire, and many more magazines. My choice is completely subjective and some picks don’t present anything “new” in music, but they just have “something”, which makes them desirable and magnetic from my point of view. So this is not the chart of best tracks in terms of musical innovation, but a ranking of a tracks I love to listen to.

And the winners are:

Mr. Moods – Its Quite Something
I just love this soft trip-hop feel.

Wild Cookie – Seroius Srug (Sojka mix)
This tune is a serious drug.

Lana del Rey – Ride (Photek remix)

This is kind of pop I woud like to listen to in radio.

The xx – Angels
Their new album isn’t step forward – to be polite –  but this single is another pearl mede of simplicity, sensitivity and introvertic feel.

Kiasmos – Thrown
Nothing great considering composition, I know. But suprisingly it became to be magnetic tune for me. Relooped many times.

Congi – Somnium
Best dubstep I’ve heard last year. Perfect production.

Scuba  – Cognitive Dissonance
For it’s space. My best 2012 drum’n bass tune with some touches reminding Apollo 440.

Bat For Lashes – Laura
They do very, very few songs so beautiful like this nowdays. Precious.

Burial – Ashtray Wasp
Intensive with so wide range of styles within, hard, brave, not flattering tastes and expectations, hipnotic yet not for everyone.

Tindersticks – Show Me Everything
It is the best song from propably my favourite album of the last year (“The Something Rain”)


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