Nirguna’s Top 12 tracks of 2011

All musical newspapers, blogs and web services already published their TOP lists of 2011. Nirguna is not in rush, so today I would like to show a list o my top 12 tracks of 2011.
As You can see most of music posted on this site is not brand new, becuse for me, so far, most interesting time in music genres presented here has been released in ’90 and in early years of XX century. The situation,though, is not that bad. Still there are soume tracks and albums which are important, significant, innovative and beautifull.

When I saw 2011 musical summaries I was a little bit broken. Now in fashion are harsh dubstep tunes with agressive vocals, raw hip-hop/rnb tracks with dirty rap and same as always california-boys-indie-rock clamor. There is nothing bad in harsh tones and agressive vocals, but the level of these efforts is often suprisingly dissapointing. For example, the best 2011 track according to Residentadvisor is  Blawan’s – Getting Me Down. I really can’t see (hear) the point, although i tried very much. On RA
list  there are many other (in my opinion) fails. Pitchfork list is much better for me but still disappointing. Similar regularity can be seen in other summaries. Only explanation is that this is music which musical critics promote nowdays and people like to listen. It’s a pitty.

I love minimalism (like Jan Jelinek or Pole etc.) or raw and noisy sounds (like My Bloody Valentine, Fuck Buttons) but this kind of music is engaging for me, when it is against melody, against hamony and complexity but in relation to them. When so many artists play such hard music it became to be just to disturbing. There is no evil in this tendency, but I just can’t follow it and I wait for this to end. It says a lot about state of mind and sensitivity of voulnerable people now, who create art. They seems to be harsh inside more than it was just 10 years ago, but its a topic for sociologists.

That is why I favor “old school” melody, flow, and persue for interesting haromonies. In such envirnoment dirty sounds are marvelous, they don’t do the harm but they are fantastic counteroint. And that is why the winners are:

(12) “Madness” Robert Manos
Becouse: It proves dnb can be a great song.


(11) “Riverside” (Lulu Rouge Remix) Agnes Obel 
Becouse: Lulu gave this song fantastic feel with this deep sounds and space.


(10) “Lie Down In Darkness” Moby  (Ben Hoo’s Dorian Vibe)
Becouse: it is just beautifull and still positive while being sad.


(9) “Over” Gus Gus
Becouse: it was propably the best dancefloor killer of 2011.

(8) “Codex” Radiohead
Becouse: still no one make such great melancholic songs like Radiohead.


(7) “I’m New Here” Gill Scott  Heron & Jamie XX
Becouse: it has this dub lazyness, it’s beautiful and becouse it appeared to be prophetic. Listen to this slowing and than stoping heart-beat in the end. RIP Gill.


(6) “She Moves Through” Blu Bar Ten (ASC Remix)
Becouse: ASC refreshed this old dnb track and took it to the next, much higher level. And it is best produced track I’ve heard last year. Played via Youtube on my stereo it sounds like from vinyl. I wonder how it really sounds from a proper source.


(5) “The Wilhelm’s Scream” – James Blake
Becouse: this deep “plum” repeating from time to time sounds great and it has just a touch of “that”.


(4) “Paradise Circus”  Burial & Radiohead
Becouse: Burial and Massive Attack in one track obviously have to be great (although their EP showed that, don’t have to every time). And it is a trip to realm to which not many artists have tickets.


(3) “Midnight City” M 83
Becouse: these ’80 sytnths are just stunning and it reminds me Crystal Castles “I’m not in love”.


 (2) “Motivation” Clams Casino
Becouse: of it’s atmosphere and beat. Album “Instrumentals” in my top 5 of the year.


(1) “Glass Jar” Gang Gang Dance

Becouse: it is so creative and crazy musical roller-coaster with so many faces.  The over 6 min.  intro is a joy and then it’s even better.  I heard it March for the first time and nothing beated this track later.
A masterpiece.




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