Reactivation – toward the MUSIC is about MUSIC

  • You’ll find here links and posts about/to electronica, idm, ambient, postrock, indie, drum’n’bass, chillout and downtempo tracks and artists I consider the best or worth mentioning. As we all know, borders between music genres are often hard to define, but these the main  “mark points” can tell what You can expect here. You’ll also find here some hip-hop, house and themes from soundtracks but not to often.
  • YouI’ll find  here informations about musical events (mainly in Poland).
  • You will not find here links to “everything I like”.

I hope You’re gonna enjoy at least some of content I’ll put here.


One thought on “Reactivation – toward the MUSIC

  1. Sure.
    Nirguna on Twitter is “nirguna_pl”, but i’ll start to use it within few days.

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