Radiohead “The King of Limbs”

So, fially it is here. The new Radiohead album is aviliable. And again, which is rare this days, they did nothing to please anyone.

For me – so far – after first listening it’s worse than “In Rainbows”, like “Amnesiac” was worse than “Kid A”. Less melody, more rythm, still not too optimistic and very introvertic. But in my case with Radiohead music is like with Mercedes cars design – on the begening i usually say “How they could heave done that?!” and after a while  “They were deamn right!”. Let’s see if it’s such a case.

The more lirycal track is on that release, the better it is – that’s why I think “Codex”, “Give Up The Gost” and “Separator” are the best tunes here.

Below “Codex” and further below whole album to listen to.


“The King of Limbs” full album

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