Nirguna Youtube playlists

some of You asked me, if there is any possibility of  “radio like” listening of tracks from this site. The only free ;-) and easy solution appeared to be Youtube with its playlists. So I established nirguna’s channel on Youtube and its name is: nirgunapl (without dot) and the full adress is:
I added Youtube icon in upper right corner of the site which directs to the channel.

Now all categories from website are there as playlists, which You can swich on and listen without annoying clicking from post to post.

On this occasion I reduced number of categories and deleted “chillout’ and “trip-hop” – all track s from these are now in “downtempo”. I hope it will be more clear, and the same tracks won’t repeat in to many categories/playlists to often. I hope You will like these changes.

UPDATE: on top menu You can find now “playlists” where they are embeded, so going to Youtube isn’t necessary if You want to listen to them.

All the best,

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