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Massive Attack “What Your Soul Sings”

100th WindowMassive Attack’s collaborations with female vocalists always were very fruitful. When You look at the names, you can see that they know where to look for an extraordinary effect – Shara Nelson (Blue Lines), Tracey Thorn and Nicolette Suwoton (Protection), Elisabeth Fraser (Mezannine), Martina Topley-Bird (Splitting the Atom), Hope Sandoval (Heligoland).

And there is also “100 th window” LP with unique Sinéad O’Connor apperance. I can listen to her voice on this album over and over.
Here ethereal yet so strong “What Your Soul Sings”.

Massive Attack “Risingson”

Yes, this track is very dark but it is an outstanding piece of music as well. For me one of the very best tunes recorded by Massive Attak and definitely the best on Mezzanine LP. These deep sounds, underlined by simple but so expressive bassline with drowsy voices of 3D and Daddy G are just stunning. It’s narcotic, addictive and yet given with such a great flow, meaty beat and top notch production. Well, a masterpiece from one of the best musical projects I have ever heard. Definitely it has it’s place in my all time hall of fame.
Waiting for more like this Wild Bunch!