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Clams Casino “Instrumentals” – one of the best albums of the year

Usually I discover tracks and albums with a delay, sometimes very long. Just two weeks ago I’ve found this precoius. An album – a mixtape to be precise – made by Mike Volpe aka Clams Casino. He is a producer making music for MC’s such as Lil’ B and Soulya Boy. This is material which gathers his music without MC’c voices. And this instrumental sounds are just great. Not all tracks are so engaging and full of great tones and beats, but the whole effact is exeptional. You can find here samples from Adele, Bjork  and Janele Monae mixed with great beat and given within a great flow. It’s an instrumental hip-hop, but deeply merged in electronica.

The entering “Motivation” and “All I Need” are just stunning. The second part of the album is not as good as the first – there is no as much “meat” and imagination in theese compositions, but still it’s really worth of a try. This album have been published free of charge (for streaming) and “Type” label released it on vinyl (all copies have been sold, so You must look on E-bay).

It’s gonna be on my “best of the year list” this year. Below “All I Need” and a whole album.

Clams Casino – Instrumental Mixtap by blalalapuntnl

Ćmy “Frozen Memories”

Ćmy is a Polish project created by Milton Waukee, better known as Yaro, and DJ George a.k.a. Jorge Saxon (Yaro’s long time music friend and co-worker). If You like Skalpel, You might also like them. Their music is a journey to a nu-jazz domain, with a cut’n paste chic. Full of nice details with a great sense of sound and rythm. Some of their music has a nice “Ninja Tune like vibe”, which I like a lot.
I recommend to visit the website of the project, where You can listen to all 3 of their albums.


Nujabes “Imaginary Folklore”

Recently I came across Nujabes - japanese hip-hop musician and producer. Propably for many hip-hop fans he is well known, but for me it is a great discovery. You defineitely should take a look on his works full of deep, slow beat, great samples and a proper flow. Lots of jazz inluences are also there.
Unfortunetely he died last year in a car accident in Tokyo. DJ Premiere was his fan. This means something ;-)

Here are his MySpace profile, Last.fm profile and label links.

Below great “Imaginary Folklore”


DJ Shadow – Midnight in a Perfect World

Another oldschool classic. The “Endtroducing” –  DJ Shadow album publishd in Isalnd Records in 1995 was a real milestone for hip-hop, trip-hop and electronic music at all. From this moment sampler became to be widely regarded as real instrument and not as electronic toy anymore. “Midnight…” and any other track on this album shows why…